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The wail of the oppressed, not the oppressor, inflames the world
Yazan SadıK YalsıZuçanlaR   
02.09.2008 20:08
"http://www.vahdet.com.tr/filistin/foto/foto13/foto4422.jpg" grafik dosyası hatalı olduğu için gösterilemiyor.Actually Huseyin Hatemi Hodja knows better, but as far as I know, in Islamic doctrine an armed man (fighter) can only be killed for the purpose of "legitimate defense."
Unarmed, defenseless, unattended children, women, the elderly, and the sick cannot be touched. To the contrary, the law protects them. In Guenon's important work, The Symbolism of War and the Metaphysics of Arms, he explains beautifully the course this principle takes in the monotheistic doctrines. According to what the Hodja has explained in different articles, actually there is no justification for war except for "legitimate defense." When life, religion, property, homeland, and honor are threatened, the belligerent party can be fought against. Islamic wisdom teaches that "killing one person is killing all mankind." The Quran was revealed to Prophet Muhammad's (pbuh) heart not to kill man and humanity, but to give them new life. I say the Quran, the teaching that was revealed through our Prophet's heart to his mind. Another name for it is the Truth of Muhammed. So the book in our hands is written pages, not the Quran. The words, "He was a walking Quran," also imply this. Sources of wisdom interpret the command, "Fight with the unbelievers," from the Quran in our Prophet's heart, in this way. Acting in accordance with this command, Hamas and Hezbollah fighters are armed, paramilitary units organized against a terrorist state threatening life, religion, homeland, property, honor, and children. They did not begin the war, as some mercilessly and ignorantly claim; moreover, they are not the cause of the Lebanon attacks and they are resisting the furious attacks with principled and moral action and they are right.
The problem of humaneness in the media...
Trustworthy "foreign policy" writers all agree that the US, Israel and their partners have begun a new arrangement of Middle East geography. They are also in accord that for this reason they timely exploded the energy that has been accumulating in this region for years and pushed the button at the right time and place for Israel, which has turned into a savage "death machine." Nasrallah's statement also points to this project; "Lebanon is not going to be one of the bases of the new Middle East. You cannot eradicate Hezbollah, because the resistance is not a classical army or an organized state..." Nasrallah indicated that they are making guerrilla warfare and that the enemy's advance to the villages would be to their own advantage. Saying their goal was to give maximum losses, Nasrallah promised, "I guarantee that whatever the outcome of the war, Lebanon is not going to become the USA, Israel or a base for the 'New Middle East' as Bush and Rice want."
The US operations against, first, Afghanistan and, then, Iraq are a part of the "big project." The US leveled Afghani lands from the air, without having to deal with too much blood or getting bogged down on land. It made the land amenable to transporting oil. Suddenly discovering how barbaric a dictator Saddam was, a man they had nourished, protected and elevated for years, they poured bombs on children to bring democracy to the Iraqi people. The US completed a political, economic and military leveling operation in connection with oil and other motives. Now it's Lebanon's turn. We'll see together what will happen next. Will Lebanon become a base? Will it be able to extend its lands? How are the regions two big powers, Turkey and Iran, going to participate in this process?
These arid lands have not tired of drinking human blood. Oppressors have not tired of watering their chess games with blood or killing helpless, destitute, poor, hopeless people. This old world has seen and endured such oppression, but still it goes around its orbit and doesn't disintegrate. Just as surprising are our communications environments and the attitude of our writers toward this savagery and barbarism that directly endangers and spoils the essence of humanity. Which is worse? Those saying, "The crying and whining fools," or "Hezbollah is a terrorist organization; Israel is fighting the fundamentalists; we're opposed to fundamentalism and we are secularists"? Or those who write for days in the headlines and second-page columns about bears, women, the best time to make love, who the models are sleeping with, how Duygu Asena taught women to make love, and the types and amounts of vitamins in summer fruit? Indifference, unconcern and irresponsibility continue. I think this is more than just a common indifference and ignorance; it is a human problem, a matter of conscience and morality, and a pathological "intellectuality." Tarkovski said somewhere in his journal that in the modern bourgeois civilization people begin to spoil one another. He said, "I'm afraid that people are going to gradually spoil one another." I don't think this had anything to do with co-religiosity. It's something that happens in man's conscience. Even in the US, which closes its eyes to the attack, supports it and is increasingly involved in the war, although not actively. Columnists with common sense at least are upset by the oppression the Lebanese people face and they create an environment for correct information. Except for El -Jazeera (sp?), we still get the latest and most truthful information from Western news agencies. A number of intellectuals published a statement a second time condemning Israel and its partners and calling for an immediate cease-fire. Strangely, our columnists look both ways even before criticizing Israel in some way. They seem to say, "Don't let anyone know..." We can't even create a free, healthy, fair and moral environment for criticism or public pressure for opposition that would increasingly act as a deterrent and be effective and even critical. With an explosion of sensitivity, people leaving the Friday prayers curse Israel and burn its flag. That's all. Whereas Israel saw from the start that it had lost and run into a hellish wall. There's no greater obstacle than a resistance front that is right and full of faith.
Hezbollah is an organization for defense, and Israel is committing a crime not only against Lebanon and Palestine, but against humanity. Israel has always done this. Actually it is well-known by those who are well-informed that the Jews, in spite of the oppression, genocide and massacre they saw - or maybe because of it - because they killed many prophets, their homeland and populations were almost made extinct and destroyed and until recent times they were treated as fifth class persons... are dragging the world towards chaos, disorder, sedition and confusion.
Crimes against humanity...
In regard to this sentence, I would like to refer to this Quranic interpretation as indicated in the Words of Bediuzzaman, one of the greatest thinkers of the last century: "'Thou wilt indeed find them (Jews), of all people, most greedy of life.' (Baqara, 96) 'And We gave clear warning to the Children of Israel in the Book, that twice would they do mischief on the earth.' (Bani Israel, 4) 'And do no evil nor mischief on the (face of the earth).' (Baqara 60)
These Quranic judgements regarding the Jews imply these two extraordinary, general principles that nation brings about with tricks they play in the social fabric: That nation shakes the social fabric and sets in conflict hard-earned money and investment capital. They make a clash between the poor and the rich by forming banks that collect interest. In this way they accumulate property by deceit. Also, in order to avenge the governments and victors whose constant oppression and deprivation they have always felt, they participate in all kinds of intrigue. This way they meddle in all kinds of disturbances of the public peace. For example, 'And do no evil nor mischief on the face of the earth.' (Baqara 60) 'If the last Home, with God, be for you specially, and not for anyone else, then seek you for death, if you are sincere. But they will never seek for death.' (Baqara 94-5) Most famous among world nations for their ambition in life and fear of death, the Jews will not wish for death with their way of life and won't abandon their thirst for life..." It is hoped that this ambition will not destroy the world because this world will not be inflamed by the ambition of this or that nation, but by the wail of the oppressed.
August 13, 2006
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