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Discovering the Code of Cinema in a Prophetic Anectode
Yazan SadıK YalsıZuçanlaR   
11.09.2008 22:06
 The miracles bestowed upon the prophets as divine endowments are instruments of test both for themselves and for the people who are subject to divine revelation, and through its contents beacons the horizon to the mankind. The rod given to Moses carries a message for the Pharaoh and his devotees. Besides; the rod which brought forth water from where it struck has inspired people for such works as drilling. The fact that Jesus resurrected the dead people displays the following explanation by the medical science; “it is possible to temporarily give color of life to death.”  The talyin-i hadid (the ability to bend the iron with hands as though it is clay) bestowed upon David, is a striking example of metal forging. Within this context, one of the miracles granted to Solomon refers to television and cinema:
From the Traveler
Yazan SadıK YalsıZuçanlaR   
02.09.2008 20:13
"http://www.sadikyalsizucanlar.net/eskisite/english/images/traveler01.jpg" grafik dosyası hatalı olduğu için gösterilemiyor.One day, the Traveler went to the banks of the Guadalquivir. He had been feeling somewhat strange in the last few days. All through his life, he had always regarded the people he saw, met, listened and talked to as superior to himself. Since the first days of his journey, he had been in trouble with the cravings of the flesh. But then, adopting the words of God's prophet who had a beautiful face which was food for spirits and pleasure and comfort to souls, who said "I shall not exonerate the nafs* for the nafs leads one to evil", he had slowly begun to unfasten the bonds of his body one by one. The idea of regarding others as superior to himself had already become an attitude as his journey proceeded.
The wail of the oppressed, not the oppressor, inflames the world
Yazan SadıK YalsıZuçanlaR   
02.09.2008 20:08
"http://www.vahdet.com.tr/filistin/foto/foto13/foto4422.jpg" grafik dosyası hatalı olduğu için gösterilemiyor.Actually Huseyin Hatemi Hodja knows better, but as far as I know, in Islamic doctrine an armed man (fighter) can only be killed for the purpose of "legitimate defense."
Unarmed, defenseless, unattended children, women, the elderly, and the sick cannot be touched. To the contrary, the law protects them. In Guenon's important work, The Symbolism of War and the Metaphysics of Arms, he explains beautifully the course this principle takes in the monotheistic doctrines. According to what the Hodja has explained in different articles, actually there is no justification for war except for "legitimate defense." When life, religion, property, homeland, and honor are threatened, the belligerent party can be fought against.
The Traveler
Yazan ediTör   
02.09.2008 03:00

by Sadik Yalsizucanlar.
2004, İstanbul, 256 pages.

The novel is about the spiritual life of the great philosopher, poet, sage Muhammad Ibn 'Arabi, one of the world's great spiritual teachers, who was born into the Moorish culture of Andalusian Spain.
"Ayrılığa ulaşsaydık, ona kendi acısını tattırırdık." İbn Arabi  


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