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Yazan by Sadık Yalsızuçanlar   
09.04.2017 11:10
 When I saw you in the night, cold and in the crowd, that was what İ wanted to say: Strange. You are strange. I see it. While I am sitting on this couch at this very moment, I look into your eyes, to the place in them fae from homeland. You are a picture of that foreign land. Only this word can describe you. Away from home, some find a new self, some find a new place to call home. You are strange. You are standing in a strange place. İn silence, just like that, for hours...You turn your eyes away from me and then after a second you look at me again. I've been watching you for days. As I watch you, I see that you are disappearing into the abyss inside you, you are hiding. You are hiding from my eyes. I thought I knew you, but I was wrong. As I watch, I fel purged. I get rid of the burden on me, inside me. When I look into your eyes, you pull me into your foreign land. As I go in ther, I learn silence, modesty,i faith and patience. maybe your other name is decency. İt can only be learned with patience. I know this is not something that can be learned  though and I learned that from you. What you have is only silence. It seems that there is a circle I can't see but feel, a  circle of existence and you are nestled in it. Sirene
I Thought İt Was A Game
Yazan SadıK YalsıZuçanlaR   
23.04.2014 00:31
 When I ran away from Konya to come to this city I was hoping to become a good actress here. In that café where we first met, you had told me it was a ‘dangerous game’. I just wanted to be an actress, I didn’t care about the rest.

My name was Meftune, I changed it to Özlem when I left my home.

You also knew me as Özlem, and when I told you about Meftune years later, you couldn’t believe it.

I told you much later , too, that my father wasn’t a retired theater set-designer, but worked at a flour factory, and that my mother had never taught English but was a housewife from Bozkır. There turned out to be so many things I hadn’t told you…now I tell them to you as if I weren’t by myself on this bench where you abandoned me, but as though you were next to me.
Red Hag
Yazan SadıK YalsıZuçanlaR   
11.06.2013 22:01
 I heard talk of Red Hag when my sister’s hedik-tooth pudding- was cooking.

My nana was boiling the wheat in the large copperd cauldron by the mulberry tree in front of the house. My sisters’s first tooth had broken through. The cauldron was coated with mud. Nana was breaking her back to make sure the pudding cooked right, running round the cauldron nearly her own height-her back was just beginning to bend then. Every once in a while she shouted at my mother or auntie, handing them the large wooden spoon she stirred the pudding with, and wiped her sweat on her skirt. She muttered to herself more and more. Sometimes she’d whisper some prayer. İ never knew quite what those where. One thing was sure; whenever we caught a cold and ran a fever, it was the Protection Verse that she recited constantly.
The thing [a narrative on Omar Khayyam]
Yazan SadıK YalsıZuçanlaR   
23.09.2008 18:27


I was not something that was called to mind in a moment of eternity.
This is how my story started.
In those times, grapes had not been created yet, but I was already drunk.
I say, in those times, because time was a moment.
The Traveler
Yazan ediTör   
20.09.2008 18:42
 “A pearl from the East, a narrative that demands tranquility”
The Traveler represents the door of contemporary Turkish literature opening to the West... One of the first mystical novels to be translated into a Western language, The Traveler has been published in Germany by Literaturca Verlag as Der Wanderer. The English translation of the book is in progress.
The Traveler tells the story of a universal saint, which is also the story of the spiritual life of Ibn Arabi, a well-known Muslim scholar who had lived in the Middle Ages. The spiritual journey of this saint is also the story of a universal human being.
Stories by Rumi
Yazan ediTör   
11.09.2008 22:09
 You will find the most beautiful and wise stories selected from the best-known work of Rumi, Mesnevi, in this book, “Stories by Rumi”. Stories with lessons by Rumi that inspires many wisdom pursuers from the East and the West…
You will very much enjoy these stories that have been diligently collected by Sadık Yalsızuçanlar…
Discovering the Code of Cinema in a Prophetic Anectode
Yazan SadıK YalsıZuçanlaR   
11.09.2008 22:06
 The miracles bestowed upon the prophets as divine endowments are instruments of test both for themselves and for the people who are subject to divine revelation, and through its contents beacons the horizon to the mankind. The rod given to Moses carries a message for the Pharaoh and his devotees. Besides; the rod which brought forth water from where it struck has inspired people for such works as drilling. The fact that Jesus resurrected the dead people displays the following explanation by the medical science; “it is possible to temporarily give color of life to death.”  The talyin-i hadid (the ability to bend the iron with hands as though it is clay) bestowed upon David, is a striking example of metal forging. Within this context, one of the miracles granted to Solomon refers to television and cinema:
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