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sadik yalsizucanlar

"http://www.sadikyalsizucanlar.net/eskisite/deutsch/image/bio.jpg" grafik dosyası hatalı olduğu için gösterilemiyor.Sadik Yalsizucanlar was born in 1962 in Malatya. After completing his elementary and secondary education in the same city, he finished Dortyol Deneme High School. He studied at the Faculty of Social and Administrative Sciences Department of Turcology at Hacettepe University and received his degree in 1983.

He worked as a teacher and a publisher for some time until he began to work for TRT, the Turkish Radio and Television Company, as a producer, and he has maintained his career in this area up to the present day.

His first short story titled Mother was published on the culture and arts page of the daily Yeni Asya newspaper.

Since 1980, he has been writing short stories, essays, tales, novels, research & study works, film scripts, and newspaper articles. With I'm All Alone As the Alif, he won the Köprü Short Story Award.

In 1986, he was given the The Short Story Writer of the Year Award by the Turkish Writers' Association for his book titled The Traveler Who Adorned Cities. His documentary film The Lute of the Minstrel/The Saz of the Bard brought him the Foundation of Turkish National Culture Award. The Turkish Writers' Association granted him the Best Essayist of the Year for his book called The Cinema of Dreams. He also received the Hak-İş Labor Union Award for his TV program with the title Our Working Life and the Turkish Writers' Association TV Award for his cultural documentary Kırkambar (Forty Granaries).

His short stories with the titlesThe Traveler Who Adorned Cities and The Parrot That Hurt the Truth were translated into German with the titles Der Reisende, Der Die Staedte Schmückt and Der Papagei, Der Die Wahrheit Verletzte.


The Traveler Who Adorned Cities (Akçağ Yayınları, Ankara, 1992)
The Parrot That Hurt The Truth (Akçağ Yayınları, Ankara, 1992)
A Bird's Sleep (Şule Yayınları, İstanbul, 1999)
Guzeran (Şule Yayınları, İstanbul, 1999)
Halvet der Encumen (Şule Yayınları, İstanbul, 1998)
Mold, (Küf), stories, 2013


Yakaza (Şule Yayınları, İstanbul, 1998)
The Thing, (Şey) novel, 2011, about Ömer Hayyam
Diamond, novel, 2016
Suddenly, novel (Birdenbire), 2015
Fidelity Apartment, (Vefa Apartmanı) novel, 2012
Glass and Diamonds, (Cam ve Elmas), novel, 2010


The Bird With Blue Wings (AAK Yayınları, Ankara 1990)
The Garden of Dreams (Kırkambar Yayınları, İstanbul 1998)


Fear and Hope and Love (Akçağ Yayınları, Ankara 1992)
Television and the Sacred (Timaş Yayınları, İstanbul, 1994)
The Cinema of Dreams (Kırkambar Yayınları, İstanbul, 1998)
Disappointment (Kırkambar Yayınları, İstanbul, 1998)
The Neutrality Tale (Şule Yayınları, İstanbul, 1998)
A Day Passed is A Day in Life (Şule Yayınları, İstanbul, 1998)


Anthology of New Poems (Yeni Asya, İstanbul, 1982)


Kelile and Dimne
Rose Garden (Gulistan)
Kitchen-Garden (Bostan)
Salaman and Absal
The Seven Hanged Poems (Muallakat-i Seb'a)
Dede Korkut Stories
Book of Politics (Siyasetname)
Gülşen-i Raz (The Rose Garden of Mysteries)
Thousand and One Night Tales
Mahzen-i Esrar (The Cellar of Secrets) (Timaş Yayınları, İstanbul)

translated by cigdem cksoy fromm

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